Voting Systems Toolbox - Download and Run


To run the Voting Systems Toolbox, you'll need Java 1.1 or later. If you have Java already, skip this section.

You can download Java for Windows at - if you just want to run the software, you only need the JRE (Java Runtime environment)

If you don't have Java installed on your machine, and just want a minimal version of Java for Windows, go to


Go to the download page at sourceforge, scroll down to Latest file releases, and Click the Download link. For a shortcut, download it directly from


java -cp Vote-0-4.jar VoteMain -system stv-meek -seats 3 examples/colours-cand.csv


java -cp Vote-0-4.jar VoteMain -system stv-meek -seats 3 examples/colours-rank.csv

You should get the following output (or similar):

Number of candidates: 6
Number of voters: 5
Blue                                     not elected
Green                                    elected
Orange                                   elected
Red                                      not elected
Violet                                   not elected
Yellow                                   elected

Email Roy Ward or consult your local computer guru with any problems.

For the technically minded only

The up to the minute version of the project is available from Sourceforge's CVS repository. Instructions for accessing it can be found here. The module name is votesystem.

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